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Showing posts from November 22, 2005

Iraqi resistance forces must be joyous

The last few days saw the rise of Iraqi nation as a unified force make solidarity with Sunni Arabs and nationalist forces telling Bush and his company killing your troops is legitimate. This is the most disastrous news ever delivered to Bush by far from Iraq. If this agreement between the three major communities stick I see hope in rebuilding Iraq that is devastated by the US. Realizing the grave situation they affirmed terrorism and occupation the two extremes are out of window, perhaps the Bush gang and Abu Musab needs a place to fight other than Iraq, perhaps out of this world.

war is terror

After the Vietnam war defeat and the slaughter of 2 million Vietnamese the US left without admitting the crime it committed. LBJ was so ashamed of himself, didn't run for presidency for second time. Unfortunately for Iraq, the US fell under Bush who didn't experience war nor did he litsen the generals including Shenseki who advocated larger force to stabilize Iraq. Now after two and half years, Bush is told by Iraqis to go home in shame. I wonder who benefited from this illegal invasion and occupation. for those of us who called the invasion would be a disaster for the US, Iraq and the region, it bear fruit in a way we all expected.