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Showing posts from December 6, 2005
I always believe, as long as Iraqis fight smart and hard, as long as preferred to be free than in slaved by American’s, as long as they endure the devastation of their country believe it will be build when peace returns, they will prevail. The avoidance of hitting Shiis just because they are Shiites should be avoided all together and kidnapping of people who are in anti war movement is a very bad thing and give criminals to say “War on Terror” justified. The fact there is negotiation taking place with resistance forces where in the past America dismissed as a “terrorists” shows that Bush and his gangs are not going to subjected Iraqis no matter how many people are so far killed in a war that is not supposed to be started. The talk might not have been direct but it is going to be when resistance forces continue to protect their land, property, freedom, their family and belief system. The sooner America withdrew and compensates Iraqis the better the feelings between America and Iraq. mo…