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Unsustainable occupation

The Iraqi resistance forces have many reason to fight American occupiers and their puppets, among the reasons is they are illegally occupied! Despite American Media, government and criminal entities manipulations of that fact, many occupation troops know that fact as well.
“I don't like the way they fight, but I'd do the same thing if someone was occupying my country," said Cpl. Sean J. Egger, also part of the 1st Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment.
Egger was the gunner atop a Humvee near Ramadi's defunct train station in August. The bullet whizzed past him by inches but struck his machine gun, sending shrapnel into his face.
Safety glasses spared his vision, but Egger will need surgery after he leaves Iraq to remove a half dozen pieces of shrapnel still lodged in his face.

My believe is, Iraqi resistance will not let-up its resistance until there is no more occupation.
If America dreams that it would go around the world and slap people down and humiliate them; if they th…

Anglican head slams Britain and U.S. over Iraq

"The spiritual head of the Anglican Church launched an outspoken attack on the British and U.S. governments on Saturday, saying their "ignorant" policy in Iraq has put Christians in the region at risk."

It is the criminals GEORGE and TONY who spread terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, destabilizing the world costing lives and pouring in billions of dollars which could have rather been spent on developments. The terrorist killers now created sectarian war as well in Iraq which saw hundreds killed everyday. The worst thing is, it was mostly George who created all that yet his goal to subjugate people didn’t succeed.