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Iraqi situation now

We all know the peaceful election of December 15, 2005 had taken place and the Prime Minister is elected. Iraqi resistance continues despite the fact there is a talk between some resistance forces and the Americans. The major point is, we don’t know who the groups that are negotiating with the occupiers. I have read a circus of news that is circulating time to time that indicates there might be a settlement after all; as of yet no top officials above the U.S. ambassador in Iraq hinted that is the case. To me the real issue is whether or not American occupiers are going to leave when asked to by elected government; other wise, negotiating with Sunni resistance by itself is not going to amount to nothing. I do understand very well the casualties American invaders are taking is in the heart of a land where the majority of Sunni lives, however, as long as America remain in the country, there is no way the resistance to occupation would fade away. America doesn’t have a clear policy where …