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Helping the hands of terrorists

Terror act by one group or government strengthens other antagonist terrorist group or government to strike and the cycle will go on until it breaks. There is no time or event started this terror tit for tat that consumed hundreds of thousands of people around the world, however, the terrorists targets are expanding in ever increasing level mostly in a majority where Muslim population lives.
For a majority of people in the United States who are brained washed by the government terror warnings, repetitions of them by the media bundled with phony analysts of what that warning means; made people to believe that there are groups of “Islamic Terrorists” out there ready to strike any time and all warnings needs to be taken seriously. In a country where nineteen people destroyed buildings after hijacking commercial planes and took three thousand lives on their way, news of terror attack alert is believable. Americans are as much victims of Afghans or Iraqis who are invaded and attacked by Am…