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Showing posts from November 26, 2006

Ethiopia a warmonger country.

Embolden by the US aid and a victory over Eritrea in battlefield; Ethiopia is playing its strength to show its might by invading the country of Somalia and attacking Somalian Islamic Court which controls most of Somalia. Ethiopia entered Somalia without provocation from the victorious Islamic Court. It was the Islamic Court who routed the war lords who were battered Somalia for more than 12 years which I think is a positive development, the warlords now surrendered or retreated to the corner waiting opportune time. Ethiopia invaded Somalia alleging an “invitation” from the Somalia Interim Government roughly controls Baidowa and surrounding area without any legitimacy from the populace in general.
Somalian people went through a lot since 1991: war, famine and the breakup of Somalia into mini states. It is a country without effective government for those years but needed a strong government that could unit the country; now that role has been filled by the Court The American noise “War on…