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Showing posts from February 5, 2006

European hatred of Muslims

The European hatred of a Muslim population among them is intensifying. The caricatures of Muhammad in Denmark days ago hasn’t extinguished yet, now in another insulting and flat out policy toward Muslims, Frances interior minister Sarkozy and his government are creating a new policy toward Muslims. "If a wife is kept hostage at home without learning French, the whole family will be asked to leave (the country)," Sarkozy said. According to him woman who stays home voluntarily to raise kids are not allowed in France and all her family will be expelled from France, what a travesty! In a sheer stupidity white man’s mind is once again shoot a bloody lie by saying, Muslim women who were hijab are oppressed and if they stay home they must have been taken hostage! As I repeatedly say Europeans are in the early stages of ethnic cleansing. Women in Islam are liberated when Muhammad sent as a messenger, people who were hijab do it voluntarily and no women are obligated to wear one if …