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Defeat in Iraq leads to ‘civil war’ in the US

Soldiers and Imperial Presidents

Soldiers and Imperial Presidents

By Charles Sullivan

01/03/06 "Information Clearing House"

"There is no escaping the fact that the U.S. is an imperialist nation conceived in genocide and racism that has continued through the ages, and worsened with the rise of modern technology and weaponry. With the advent of smart bombs came stupid and immoral leaders. Our litany of crimes against earth and humanity are concealed under layers of moral language, but the actual deeds belie the intent behind what is being done in our name. Ignorance, however, does not absolve anyone from culpability."

Rapist American troop free.

"The US on Tuesday gave the green light for the resumption of large-scale joint military exercises with the Philippines four days after a US marine convicted of raping a young Filipino woman was released from a Manila jail.

The release has inflamed nationalist feeling, with critics alleging the Philippine government was in contempt of court by handing 21-year-old Lance Corporal Daniel Smith to the US embassy without the permission of local judicial authorities."

Somalia: Country and Ethiopia Will Use One Passport, Somali Minister Says

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

January 2, 2007
Posted to the web January 2, 2007

Aweys Osman Yusuf

Somalia's internal affairs minister and assistant prime Minster, Hussein Mohammed Farah Aideed, who has convened with tribal elders at former presidential house (Villa Somalia) in Mogadishu, said his government intends to wipe out the boundaries between Somalia and Ethiopia.
He said 60% of 2 millions Somali refugees live in Ethiopia and use Ethiopian passports. "Ethiopia and Somalia have 2,000 kilometers between them. The two Shabelle and Jubba rivers in Somalia come from Ethiopia. Now we need to eliminate the boundaries between us because we are brothers, and we will use one passport", he said.
He said Ethiopia was the only country that was determined to set up a state in Somalia after more than years of without government. "No country in the world cared about Somalia", he said.
He urged tribal leaders to support the government and the Ethiopian troops in t…

Iraqis Say They Were Better Off Under Hussein

Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research
January 3, 2007
(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Many adults in Iraq believe the coalition effort has been negative, according to a poll by the Iraq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies and the Gulf Research Center. 90 per cent of respondents think the situation in their country was better before the U.S.-led invasion.

The coalition effort against Saddam Hussein’s regime was launched in March 2003. At least 3,000 American soldiers have died during the military operation, and more than 22,500 troops have been wounded in action.

There has been no official inquiry on the actual number of Iraqi casualties. A volunteer group of British and U.S. academics and researchers—known as Iraq Body Count (IBC)—estimates that more than 52,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed during the military intervention.

In December 2005, Iraqi voters renewed their National Assembly. In May 2006, Shiite United Iraqi Alliance member Nouri al-Maliki officially took over…

Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism

Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism
Why the US supports the warlords
December 29, 2006
Justin Raimondo

"This anti-realist methodology is precisely what lured us into Iraq. In the case of Somalia, yet another quagmire beckons with its siren song of "fighting terrorism." How long before Ethiopia requires the presence of U.S. "advisors" – in addition to those already there – can probably be measured by the time it takes to post this piece. No doubt U.S. "emergency" aid to Ethiopia is being rushed to Zenawi even as I write, and you can bet we won’t hear much protest anywhere. Certainly not from most Democrats in Congress. Anyone who doubts that the U.S. is acting out of motives other than those that are proclaimed will immediately be smeared as an enabler if not outright supporter of "terrorism." Congress hasn’t got the gumption to cut off aid to the death squad "government" of "liberated" Iraq – and I doubt they’ll depri…