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Bush's killing Machine

Peaceful Pakistani’s in tribal land border to Afghanistan are seeing dozen’s of civilians murdered by American bombs in their home resting. But again this is a behavior American government is expected of it. With no regard to innocent life as always, unleashing this type of bombardment has been seen in Iraq since the invasion of Iraq. Now it is Pakistanis who start to experience what Iraqi’s are enduring. Bombing people in their home resting is not a war, it is a terror act. War is between two groups who are against each other and armed; they know the enmity and prepared for it. This war W. Bush is waging should not be counted as war; it is a criminal act against innocent people. If American’s are not speaking loudly this war wouldn’t benefit them at all. It didn’t benefit them in Iraq, it is not going to benefit them in Pakistani front, and it is not going to be benefited from the planned war against Iran. As I said before you can give it any name you wanted to, there is no “war on t…