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 Inside the Killing Machine  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

 Inside the Killing Machine  :      Information Clearing House: ICH: "President Obama is ordering a record number of Predator strikes. An exclusive interview with a man who approved ‘lethal operations.’

By Tara Mckelvey

February 15, 2011 'Newsweek' - -- It was an ordinary-looking room located in an office building in northern Virginia. The place was filled with computer monitors, keyboards, and maps. Someone sat at a desk with his hand on a joystick. John A. Rizzo, who was serving as the CIA’s acting general counsel, hovered nearby, along with other people from the agency. Together they watched images on a screen that showed a man and his family traveling down a road thousands of miles away. The vehicle slowed down, and the man climbed out.

A moment later, an explosion filled the screen, and the man was dead. “It was very businesslike,” says Rizzo. An aerial drone had killed the man, a high-level terrorism suspect, after he had gotten out of the vehicle, while members of his…

 Egypt's Revolution and Israel: "Bad for the Jews"  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

 Egypt's Revolution and Israel: "Bad for the Jews"  :      Information Clearing House: ICH: "By Ilan Pappe

February 15, 2011 'The Electronic Intifada' -- The view from Israel is that if they indeed succeed, the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions are bad, very bad. Educated Arabs -- not all of them dressed as 'Islamists,' quite a few of them speaking perfect English whose wish for democracy is articulated without resorting to 'anti-Western' rhetoric -- are bad for Israel.

Arab armies that do not shoot at these demonstrators are as bad as are many other images that moved and enthused so many people around the world, even in the West. This world reaction is also bad, very bad. It makes the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and its apartheid policies inside the state look like the acts of a typical 'Arab' regime.

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