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Showing posts from January 10, 2008 - Barack, Hillary, and the Sinister Nothingness of “Change” - Barack, Hillary, and the Sinister Nothingness of “Change”: "When politicians offer nothing, and the people demand nothing, then the powers-that-be are free to continue doing whatever they choose. The death knell of participatory politics can often be a very noisy, celebratory affair - such as we have witnessed in the call-and-response ritual of 'Change!' 'Hope!' and other exuberant but insubstantial campaign exercises. Finally, the most accomplished slickster in presidential history, Bill Clinton, was compelled to expose Barack Obama's 'fairy tale' anti-war history - some truth for a 'change.' Black Agenda Report knows the story very well, after more than four years of observing Obama's descent from vaguely progressive rhetoric to shameless pandering (to whites) and vapid 'Change!' mantra nonsense. Only the rich can win this game."

Robert Fantina: The Gulf of Tonkin and the Strait of Hormuz

Robert Fantina: The Gulf of Tonkin and the Strait of Hormuz: "As the U.S. government continues to demonstrate its inability to learn from history, an alarming report from the Strait of Hormuz was broadcast to the world on January 7. The Associated Press reported the following: 'In what U.S. officials called a serious provocation, Iranian boats harassed and provoked three U.S. Navy ships in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, threatening to explode the American vessels.' These Iranian ships are believed to part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's navy, the organization that the U.S. Congress officially decreed a 'terrorist' organization.

Those either old enough to remember, or cognizant enough to understand history, will immediately be reminded of the infamous 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident, reported on August 2, 1964. On that day, the U.S. destroyer Maddox, on an espionage mission in the Gulf of Tonkin off the Vietnam coast, reported being fired on by North Vie…

For U.S., The Goal Is Now 'Iraqi Solutions'

For U.S., The Goal Is Now 'Iraqi Solutions': "In the year since President Bush announced he was changing course in Iraq with a troop 'surge' and a new strategy, U.S. military and diplomatic officials have begun their own quiet policy shift. After countless unsuccessful efforts to push Iraqis toward various political, economic and security goals, they have decided to let the Iraqis figure some things out themselves."

Tomgram: If the GWOT Were Gone...

Tomgram: If the GWOT Were Gone...: "Consider the debate among four Democratic presidential candidates on ABC News last Saturday night. In the previous week, the price of a barrel of oil briefly touched $100, unemployment hit 5%, the stock market had the worst three-day start since the Great Depression, and the word 'recession' was in the headlines and in the air. So when ABC debate moderator Charlie Gibson announced that the first fifteen-minute segment would be taken up with 'what is generally agreed to be… the greatest threat to the United States today,' what did you expect?

As it happened, he was referring to 'nuclear terrorism,' specifically 'a nuclear attack on an American city' by al-Qaeda (as well as how the future president would 'retaliate'). In other words, Gibson launched his version of a national debate by focusing on a fictional, futuristic scenario, at this point farfetched, in which a Pakistani loose nuke would fall into the h…
The U.S. military announced it conducted an air strike south of Baghdad. It is said the strike perhaps killed many villagers as well as destroying their farms and houses. This American terrorism must have wiped out villagers as they struggle to live in fear in their own country. The most sickening thing is the fact America calling this mass murder from air is conducted “against al Qaeda”. Americans are indifferent to the plight of other people. Americans allowed these mass murders which killed a million plus Iraqis. Men, women and children were targeted indiscriminately in which America and Iraq lost lives and resources at the winding down of the brutal occupation.

US launches airstrike south of Baghdad - Yahoo! News: "A military statement said two B-1 bombers and four F-16 fighters dropped the bombs on 40 targets in Arab Jabour in 10 strikes. Al-Qaida fighters are believed to control Arab Jabour, a Sunni district lined with citrus groves and scarred by daily violence.