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'Professor Torture' stands by his famous memo

'Professor Torture' stands by his famous memo: "Guantanamo Bay has just marked its fifth anniversary. John Yoo was instrumental in setting up the prison camp that has been widely condemned. (The normally solidly pro-American Daily Mail newspaper in England, for example, has called it 'the sort of show that once only dictators like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao knew how to put on.')".............

Today is the anniversary of the 4th year rape of Iraq

Today is the anniversary of the 4th year rape of Iraq by the United States of America. It is a very sad day to remember. As of today the outcome of the aggression by the bully is not conclusive. Now the fight is increased in complexity as well, confusing every analyst as to how a few thousand Sunni fighters withstood the wealthiest and technologically advanced nation in the world. Every plan by the bully to defeat the resistance has not resulted to subjugate Iraqis in Sunni areas. The rest of the country which is controlled by the Shiites and Kurds is relatively calm. The Shiites are having internal power struggle against one another at times bloody. And sporadic attack on British forces the co-rapists of Iraq is seen time to time. The rape of Iraq hurt both countries in number of ways; for Iraq it is more than half a million dead and about two million made refugees. On day to day living, Iraqis are getting less electric, less security, less food and clean water than since the overthr…