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American terrorist army in Iraq

Bombing in Ethiopia

Unknown terror group(s) exploded a bomb on the back of a bus killing at least one and injured several people in the Capital City of Ethiopia. It was reported the explosion took place on Monday March 27, 2006 at 9:45 local time according to the report.
Terrorism of a copy cat or organized one should be fought back through all means. Such bombing would benefit no one including the groups that committing such crime. Ethiopia doesn’t need terrorism; it needs development, progress in political arena, and a dialogue. Everything has to come through hard work but peacefully. The political oppositions who incite violent demonstration without exhausting all peace talks with the Meles government caused a set back to the democratic process in the country overall. People like Meles, like many African leaders would hesitate to give-up power in organized manner, but when the opportunity opened- up like it did, (the last parliamentarian election) you better be smart to take advantage of it. One way to…