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Bombing in Ethiopia

Unknown terror group(s) exploded a bomb on the back of a bus killing at least one and injured several people in the Capital City of Ethiopia. It was reported the explosion took place on Monday March 27, 2006 at 9:45 local time according to the report.
Terrorism of a copy cat or organized one should be fought back through all means. Such bombing would benefit no one including the groups that committing such crime. Ethiopia doesn’t need terrorism; it needs development, progress in political arena, and a dialogue. Everything has to come through hard work but peacefully. The political oppositions who incite violent demonstration without exhausting all peace talks with the Meles government caused a set back to the democratic process in the country overall. People like Meles, like many African leaders would hesitate to give-up power in organized manner, but when the opportunity opened- up like it did, (the last parliamentarian election) you better be smart to take advantage of it. One way to do that was to go through proper channel while accepting the result of the vote conditionally. Rather, the opposition refused the result, led people on the streets thereby gave Meles the excuse to kill and wound tens of demonstrators.
Let us stop the bombing and the violent demonstration for the sake of all Ethiopians who suffered enough and take advantage of economic progress the country has making.
If you wanted to read the news on bombing, here is the link. No guarantee if moved.


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