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Showing posts from March 9, 2006

Hatred of Muslims by Whiteman and its Zionist ally

I have said this many times and will say it until I can’t no more; American’s, European’s and wherever Whiteman lives; Muslims are getting persecuted, hated, jailed, arrested, tortured, blown-up to pieces, discriminated against, their country is getting invaded, their wealth getting destroyed, Islam is insulted, the messenger of God trashed and etc, etc. but this is only the beginning, the hatred of Islam and Arabs so prevalent in America, the Dubai port deal falling apart a sign American’s are heading to a dangerous venue to take it to the next step. This intense hatred of Whiteman led by racist Zionists will intensify and Muslims will overtime go to the extremes to defend themselves through whatever means. But at the end (Muslim’s lack of weapon’s to defend themselves) Muslims will be killed by hundreds of millions yet another milestone in the Whiteman’s killing machine which is upgraded from fifty million in the Second WW. Muslims have no effective defense against these evil people…