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Howard Zinn on The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism

Howard Zinn is one of this country's most celebrated historians. His classic work "A People's History of the United States" changed the way we look at history in America. First published a quarter of a century ago, the book has sold over a million copies and is a phenomenon in the world of publishing - selling more copies each successive year.
follow the above link and litsen the crimes of the U.S.

Whiteman's Civilization.

The terrorist leader Baby George and his puddle Tony of Britain were talking about the “Civilized World”! Today. These murderers’ always tell the world, everything a Whiteman and their poodles do are works of civilized people. Murders, rapes, mass killings, invasions and occupations, tortures, illegal imprisonments, gulag type black holes where “suspects” went disappear, deportation, fabrications of evident, using chemical weapon on civilian population (example: Fallujah), opposing free and fair elections unless results met pro-American government expectations (accepting Whiteman’s superiority), propping up dictators, supporting Zionism (based on ethnic cleansing of Arabs). These are deeds and behaviors of Whiteman’s civilization! So every time I hear George speaks of civilization I feel my stomach turns upside down.

Psychopaths' brains 'different'

I read this article about psychopath brain activity and why they are emotionless.
In the middle of the article it said,
Criminal psychopaths are people with aggressive and anti-social personalities who lack emotional empathy.
They can commit hideous crimes, such as rape or murder, yet show no signs of remorse or guilt.”
“The Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London team say this might partly explain psychopathic behaviour.”
“It has been suggested that people with psychopathic disorders lack empathy because they have defects in processing facial and vocal expressions of distress, such as fear and sadness, in others.”
Does that fit perfectly with George W. Bush behavior? I bet you it is.

Eight Ethiopian soldiers defected to Asmera

Eight Ethiopian soldiers defected to Asmera


Dec 6, 2006, 17:15

Asmara - 8 Ethiopian soldiers arrived in Eritrea opposing the TPLF regime’s invasion of Somalia.

One of the soldiers, Alelign Simeneh, disclosed that troops from different divisions of the Ethiopian Army have entered Somalia territory in breach of its sovereignty. He added that the regime is imprisoning officers, soldiers and health professionals under the guise of evaluation after the defection of two Ethiopian generals who have joined the opposition.

Accordingly, Lt. Colonel Girma, former secretary of Maj. General Bacha Debele, and several other senior officers and health professionals who were members of the army and an unknown number of nurses have defected.

The 8 soldiers are:

Kamel Kemalo Sheik

Hassan Mohammed Ibrahim

Wegari Gidina Mokjera

Abyot Sheferaw Hunde

Teyib Haji Temam Suleiman

Alelign Simeneh Gezu

Adane Mekuanint Ayichew

Abdi Saleh Mohammed

Bush Crime Family Crony Robert Gates a Shoo-In