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Showing posts from November 24, 2005

The sad story of Iraq

In the last few days there is a talk about the US plan to drawdown troop level. This is contrary to many war lovers like Hillary Clinton and John McCain who advocate more troops to defeat the “terrorists” on Tuesday, Nov 15, 2005 press release McCain said,

“Reading through each version, one gets the sense that the Senate’s foremost objective is the drawdown of American troops. But America’s first goal in Iraq is not to withdraw troops, it is to win the war. All other policy decisions we make should support, and be subordinate to, the successful completion of our mission. If that means we can draw down troop levels and win in Iraq in 2006, that is wonderful. But if success requires an increase in American troop levels in 2006, then we should increase our numbers there.”
I guess that is not going to happen is it? The Whitehouse is ready to flea from Iraq before the “terrorists” defeated. In the mean time, innocent Iraqis are blown up everywhere, it has been going on ever since their …