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Garowe Online - Home

Garowe Online - Home: "MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Mortar shells slammed into a residential area in Somalia's capital, killing at least 10 people — including a mother and her child, witnesses and a hospital official said Tuesday.

The bloodshed Monday came as Ethiopian troops backing Somalia's shaky government battled Islamic insurgents who have been fighting an Iraq-style guerrilla war for more than a year. Thousands of civilians have been killed.

'There were 40 of us gathered under a wall to shield us from the mortars, but one landed near us,' Mogadishu resident Shamsa Kheyre told The Associated Press from her hospital bed.

Kheyre said she saw six bodies — including a mother and her young son. Another resident, Shekhey Nur Ahmed, said he and his friends collected the bodies of four people nearby.

'All of them died because of mortar shelling fired from the Ethiopian base,' Ahmed said.

Long one of the world's most violent cities, Mogadishu has been decimated i…

For Kenya, a month of attacks, then quick progress |

For Kenya, a month of attacks, then quick progress | "Nairobi, Kenya - In the first few days following the Dec. 27 election, many Kenyans didn't realize – or didn't accept – that they had a problem. Horrific ethnic violence – Kalenjins and Luos attacking Kikuyus – flared in the Rift Valley and western Nyanza provinces. But many African academics, aid workers, and politicians in Nairobi predicted that the 'disturbances' would last for just a few days, like a teakettle letting off steam.

Ensconced in the State House – the official presidential residence – President Mwai Kibaki continued to insist that the Dec. 27 elections were legitimate and he'd been reelected. International observers called the elections 'flawed.' The opposition, holed up in their own headquarters (ominously dubbed 'the Pentagon'), continued to cry foul, and to urge for peaceful mass action. As each side claimed victory, the country burned.

'I don't know w…

Bush Proposes Regulatory Change to Ease Spying

Bush Proposes Regulatory Change to Ease Spying: "With these Bush guys, you’ve got to read the fine print.

On July 31, they published in the Federal Register a proposed change to Title 28, Section 23, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

This is the section that governs domestic spying.

The existing language said that information gathered in an intelligence case could be disseminated only “where there is a need to know and a right to know the information in the performance of a law enforcement activity.”

This limitation was designed to protect “the privacy and constitutional rights of individuals,” the statute behind this section states.

Well, that limitation would be null and void.

The new regulations would allow dissemination “when the information falls within the law enforcement, counterterrorism, or national security responsibility of the receiving agency or may assist in preventing crime or the use of violence or any conduct dangerous to human life or property.”

Boy, you can’t get mu…