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Showing posts from September 21, 2008 - Freedom Rider: Boycott Israel - Freedom Rider: Boycott Israel: "To call attention to Israel's apartheid policies is to ask for immediate labeling as an 'anti-Semite.' Just ask former president Jimmy Carter. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performer Abdur-Rahim Jackson was separated from the troupe and made to dance for Israeli airport security - twice - to prove he wasn't a danger to the Jewish State, based on his name. 'Israel's dismal human rights record has created numerous calls for economic boycotts of that nation,' and cultural boycotts, as well. 'The Israelis at the airport acted like Jim Crow segregationists of old, never forsaking an opportunity to publicly humiliate black people.' Israel acts like the U.S. 'did in its own apartheid era.'"

IAEA shows photos alleging Iran worked on missile - Yahoo! News

IAEA shows photos alleging Iran worked on missile - Yahoo! News:
VIENNA (AFP) - The UN nuclear watchdog has shown its members documents and photographs suggesting that Iran secretly tried to modify a missile cone to carry a nuclear bomb, diplomats said.
"Diplomats who attended a special briefing Tuesday said the IAEA's head of inspections in the Middle East, Herman Naeckerts, had shown them new proof indicating that Iran tried to refit the long-distance Shahab-3 missile to carry a nuclear payload.

The US envoy to the IAEA, Gregory Schulte, said Naeckerts showed photos and diagrams of Iranian work on re-designing a Shabab-3 'to carry what would appear to be a nuclear weapon.

'The Secretariat told us the information they have is, in their words, 'very credible', unquote, and they have asked Iran to provide 'substantive responses', unquote', Schulte said.

Iran has refused IAEA requests to interview engineers involved in the work and visit their ostensibl…

Russia rejects new measures against Iran - Yahoo! News

Russia rejects new measures against Iran - Yahoo! News
MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia said Saturday it had rejected US proposals for new UN Security Council measures against Iran over its suspect nuclear programme amid deteriorating ties between Moscow and Washington.
At a meeting Friday with diplomats from the United States, China, Britain, France and Germany, Russia "said it was against the development at this stage of additional measures in the UN Security Council," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"The Russian side underlined the necessity of continuing efforts to restore constructive dialogue with Tehran with the aim of moving forward the negotiation process," the statement said after the meeting in Washington.

The White House on Monday warned Iran that it faced possible new sanctions over its failure to stop uranium enrichment, which can be a key step towards making nuclear weapons.