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Election related propoganda

Scattered attacks fail to disrupt Iraq vote

This is Reuters report on the day of the Iraq parliamentary election. As I will show you this reporting didn’t take the realities and reported the facts.

"I'm delighted to be voting for the first time because this election will lead to the American occupation forces leaving Ramadi and Iraq," said Jamal Mahmoud, 21, his finger purple with the indelible dye used to prevent multiple voting.” What is this shows you? It is a debunked policy of Bush who might one day be seeing his day in court to face justice for crime committed in Iraq in the name of false WMD claim. What Sunnis saying is leave Iraq and Get the hell out of here. And that is why Sunnis who participated in the election are saying; they are assuming the election put in charge people who could tell America not to bomb cities killing innocent people every time in the name of fighting “the terrorists”; they are tired of the bombings and digging out entire family from ruble …