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Showing posts from November 27, 2006

This morning I would like to honor the people of Iraq

This morning I would like to honor Iraqis who are dying to defend their country, honor and freedom. Specially people of Fallujah, Ramadi, Baquba. Freedom loving people all over the world will forever honor you for your sacrifice and heavy price you paid in blood and money. God works in mysterious way is it not? Who would have thought the Sunni Arabs would save the world from the bully George W. Bush and his arrogant army! George would have gone to Iran, Syria, and bombed North Korea by now if had succeeded subjugating Iraqis. He could have gone to finish off Palestinians, throw Muslims in concentration camps, curb more and more of people’s right in the US. But thanks to Iraqis those things didn’t happen yet! Hundreds of billions spent to defeat you; the Shiites were armed to participate in killing you; the Kurds were unleashed to bomb your cities. I saw shivering kids clinched to their mothers dress in fear after their homes kicked open by American invading troops in the middle of the…