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Israeli shelling kills Palestinians - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Israeli shelling kills Palestinians - Middle East - Al Jazeera English: "Israel said it began the shelling in response to rockets fired across the border from Gaza [GALLO/GETTY]

Israeli shelling has killed three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, medical workers and witnesses say.

Hamas security and medical officials said two of the Palestinian killed on Sunday, in Beit Hanoun near the Israel-Gaza border, were farmers.

'Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Saeed, a caretaker at a a farm, aged 91, and Ismael Walid Abu Audeh, 20, were killed on Sunday by fire from an Israeli tank,' Adham Abu Salima, a spokesman for local medical
services, told AFP news agency.

Shortly after, Hossam Khaled Abu Saeed, the farmer's 17-year-old grandson, also died of wounds sustained in the incident, close to the flashpoint Gaza-Israel border, a medical source said.

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Tribes in Kenya Wage Water War -- In These Times

Tribes in Kenya Wage Water War -- In These Times: "For hundreds of years, the Turkana have herded cattle, sheep and goats. They are among the most nomadic people in the world, constantly moving in search of pasture for their livestock. But the changing climate and marginalization by successive governments have caused resources to dwindle at a startling rate across the Turkana’s traditional home.

“It was easier before,” says Loochi’s father Akadaye as he holds a protective palm over Loochi’s damaged eye. “We used to have dry periods, but the rains did eventually come. But now it just goes on and on.” Droughts that once appeared every decade have started ravaging the land every two or three years, throwing the tribe’s migratory patterns into disarray.

All this is undoubtedly due to climate change. Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro have seen their ice caps recede during the last 60 years and Lake Chad, which extends over Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria has lost 80 percent of its water sin…