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"Rick Shenkman
'They must think you're stupid'

Thus spoke Barack Obama in mocking derision of an obvious falsehood after McCain began selling himself as the real agent of change.

I have news for Mr. Obama.

'They' the Republicans do think 'you're stupid.' And I have to admit the evidence keeps piling up that they're right.

We spend two whole days debating whether Barack Obama insulted Sarah Palin and we're supposed to think that's a sign of our intelligence as a self-governing people?


Obama had the nerve the other day to echo his veep's claim that the American people are smart.

But where's the evidence of it?

It's my official position of course that it is silly to call the American people stupid. It's impossible to generalize like that about 300 million plus people. But they sure aren't smart. Smart voters wouldn't put up with debates about pigs wearing lipstick."

Every year on September 11

Every year on September 11, Americans whip up a type of nationalism and islamophobic statements to isolate, to shame and to justify attacks against Muslims around the world including here in America, Afghanistan and Iraq. No one ever dare to mention names of perhaps a million innocent deaths of Muslims and Arabs around the world, No one ever dare to oppose the rape of a nation of Iraq by Bush regime , No one ever dare to protest torture and violations of a Geneva Conventions going on as we speak.
How could any one be happy on such a day that paved a way for terror to be unleashed?
George Bush and his henchmen did a perfect terror campaign for the last seven years which destroyed American credibility around the world to the lowest point in history; except the majority of Americans, the whole world saw hypocrites talking about democracy while suppressing it, talking about freedom of press while bombing installations of Aljazeerah and jailing its correspondence for years torturing him jus…