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Asia Times Online :: Middle East News : From al-Qaeda to al-Quds

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News : From al-Qaeda to al-Quds: "Cleverly diverting attention from gargantuan US problems - from the economy to energy dependence to the emergence of multilateral powers - the Bush administration nevertheless seems to be winning the propaganda war as well, at least in the US, Western Europe and great swaths of the Arab world. Iran, internationally, looks very much isolated. "

Another Day in the Empire

Another Day in the Empire: "Once again, we are expected to believe a handful of patsies—excuse me, “terrorists”—were capable of taking out a U.S. military base, this time the Ramstein air base in Germany, but thanks to the diligent work of Germany’s “special police officers,” these America-hating miscreants were apprehended before they attacked. In addition to Ramstein, reports the New York Times, these would-be terrorists plotted “massive attacks” against the Frankfurt international airport and “several sites frequented by Americans, including discos [and] bars…. German and American officials said that such indicators made them suspect (sic) connections to Al Qaeda.”"

Climate Change Refugees -- In These Times

Climate Change Refugees -- In These Times: "It has already started. The first ripples from rising seas are inundating low-lying areas, threatening coasts and islands. Climate refugees around the world are fleeing regions beset by violent storms, extreme temperatures, melting glaciers, spreading deserts, swelling oceans and other escalating effects of global warming."