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Ethiopia’s Green Famine by Susan Braden - The Globalist

Over the past month, I went back to Ethiopia, but this time to the Southern Nations Nationalities Peoples Region (SNNPR) in the Great Rift Valley below Addis Ababa.What I saw did not differ that much from what I had seen in the north two years earlier. Ethiopia’s Green Famine by Susan Braden - The GlobalistThe area is green, raining at times and crops are growing. Yet, people don’t have enough food to eat. To cope, families are reducing their daily intake of food and selling off their livestock.

Children are migrating to surrounding towns and cities to find work and food. Out of a population of 82 million people, 6.4 million are in need of emergency assistance, and approximately 84,000 children will require therapeutic feeding between now and the end of the year.

Another 7.2 million people are already receiving food assistance from the government’s safety net program. What is going on? Why are so many people going hungry?