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Showing posts from June 25, 2007
blogger: crusaderwatchr, on you June, 22, 2007 postings, you showed your approval of what taliban is about. But there is a different between supporting people who fight for their freedom and supporting oppresors like Taliban. What kind of Islamic Law were they advancing when in and of out of power? Is The laws described by Allah also include the application of precluding people of power? Does it permit to blast other places of worship? Does it permit a killing of civilians? Does it permit suicide bombs targeting enemy mixed with civilians? Does it permit women to wear burqa by force? Does it permit beheadings and leave the corpses on the street to rout? The smashing of TV sets? Giving sanctuary to extremists including Osama? Sharia is always abused from the time Ali and Muawiya fought for power justifying the killings of brothers, Jafar Numeri of Sudan used it so are the Saudi slave state holders. A Muslim male and female accountable for their own deeds; therefore, no one state or a …