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Showing posts from June 18, 2006

Yesterday was a great day for Ghanaian supporters in the World Cup as they beat the Czechs 2-0. I was a little disappointed though the fact Ghana passed opportunities to score more goals perhaps as many as three. I like NBA, long distance running and the World Cup; NBA Finals and the World Cup happened to be on the same months so I take as many days as I can to watch games. In the stressful world where I was born to care, I am determining to have fun even in the middle of the rape of Iraq. I know people of Ramadi, Iraq would not watch the World Cup, instead, they watch bullets fly, houses flattened, their kids killed, and their house of worship becomes a snipers nest for occupying forces and baby killers! May be four years from now, in the 2010 World Cup they may have freed themselves from the scum of earth and the bully.
Going back to my World Cup stuff, I am hoping Ghana would beat the U.S Thursday so that regardless of the result of Italy vs. Czech match Ghana would go to the se…