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Showing posts from November 23, 2006
Early morning in this day in a country Iraqis are accustomed to violence and terror American occupation forces kill and maim Iraqis. in the raid on Sadr City at about 4:30 a.m., coalition forces searched houses and opened fire on a minivan carrying Iraqi workers in the al-Fallah Street area, killing four of them and wounding eight, said police Capt. Mohammed Ismail. Iraqis often pay a small fee to crowd such vehicles and travel early in the morning to sites where they hope to get work as day laborers.Then alleged Sunni resistance forces attacked the Shiite-controlled Health Ministry building. It is said according to the news coming from Iraq including Associated Press the fight took three hours before American air support came to the “rescue” but the question is how Americans took three hours to get to the scene. Sectarian fighting also broke in another part of northern Iraq on Thursday, when 30 Sunni insurgents armed with machine guns and mortars attacked the Shiite-controlled Health…