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Christian Zionism

The Christian Zionists hate peace more than anything else. For them peace in the Middle East means that Jesus is not coming soon. There has to be war in the Middle East (how many times did we have war so far? hum), the Jews has to defeat Muslims. Muslims need to be driven out of their home in order to realize the coming of Jesus and the end of the world …. Oh did I mention the slaughter of Jews by Christians unless they converted to Christianity? So much for teaching love.

An interview with Khaled Meshaal

RR: But what about the reproach of religious fanaticism?

KM: That is easy to refute. If Hamas was a movement of religious fanatics, it wouldn't have been elected by the Palestinian people, because in Palestine there are many groups. And there are also Christians, who work together with us. For instance, one of the members of parliament in Gaza who was elected on the Hamas list is a Christian doctor. And the majority of Muslims and Christians gave him their vote. The fact is that the ideas of Hamas are moderate. We practice tolerance with everybody. And we deal with Muslims and Christians at the same level. And on this level we deal with everybody, either religious, liberal, or secular, either inside or outside of Palestine. And we have relations within the Middle East but also in Europe and Africa. Hamas is an open movement. We do not combat Israel because they are Jews but because they are occupying our land.