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Go Chavez! Go! Help the poor!

Congratulation Hugo Chavez! You showed leadership, heart and stood up to the American bully: Baby Bush. Go Chavez! Go! Help the poor!

Worldwide protest against Meles
Worldwide protest against Meles
Zenawi's invasion of Somalia

Ethiopian Review
Nov 28, 2006

Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi has invaded Somalia
after receiving a green light from the United States last week. Leaders of the Somali Islamic Courts Union (ICU), on their part, have asked Muslim jihadists around the world to come to their aid. According to a recent U.N. report, currently at least eight countries are lined up backing either the Meles regime or the ICU. From all indications, Meles and his Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) may have succeeded in igniting a regional war involving all Horn of Africa countries and beyond.
Without Meles, this war will not have started

While the inept U.S. State Department officials may be fooled by the intelligence Meles provided to them about the threat of the ICU, every one else, including the Europeans, believe that he is invading Somalia to divert attention from the intern…


Why is Saddam in court now? Why was he sentenced to death? Why many suspected war criminals in jail but hundreds times more roam around without fear? How could the most wanted criminal in the world, George W. Bush still calling shots that consume hundreds of life everyday? The answer is very clear to me. If you are powerful, if you have big guns, or don’t threaten the big powers and submit to them then you are safe; otherwise, you will be dragged to court established by winners, the powerful and their puppets (the puppets forget they could be next if they don’t continue to do what they are told) and you could be sentenced to death or life in prison or whatever the winners deemed necessary.
Saddam committed a crime for ordering the death of thousands of Iraqis and waged a war against Iran to please western powers specially the Americans who are now preparing to put him in the gallows. It is said that Saddam has a blood of about 300,000 people in his hand but the question is why is he …