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Showing posts from February 4, 2006

Hatred of Islam in Europe

A few days ago I wrote that Europeans hatred of Islam and Muslims are much worst than that of the U.S. Days ago a cartoon depicting Muhammad, the last messenger of God as a terrorist and portrayed him as a worst person. Muhammad who entered Mecca after exile warned his followers not even to cut a tree let alone hurt another human being should never have been painted as such. Personally I am not hurt, because I know Europeans would like to eliminate us if they could,compare to their design this is the tip of the iceberg. It is how the process starts: calling Muslims “terrorist”, insult the messenger of God who was sent to the world, insult the message, and insult the followers, start killing us since we are "terrorists" the remaining will be converted or exiled. But their ultimate goal is to eliminate us altogether if possible. The rise of fascism based on the hatred of Islam flourishing throughout Europe without exception, I am fully convinced though they will not succeed, …