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 Bernanke Delivers Blunt Warning on U.S. Debt   : Information Clearing House -  ICH

Bernanke Delivers Blunt Warning on U.S. Debt : Information Clearing House - ICH: "February 25, 2010 'Washington Times' -- With uncharacteristic bluntness, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke warned Congress on Wednesday that the United States could soon face a debt crisis like the one in Greece, and declared that the central bank will not help legislators by printing money to pay for the ballooning federal debt.

Recent events in Europe, where Greece and other nations with large, unsustainable deficits like the United States are having increasing trouble selling their debt to investors, show that the U.S. is vulnerable to a sudden reversal of fortunes that would force taxpayers to pay higher interest rates on the debt, Mr. Bernanke said.

'It's not something that is 10 years away. It affects the markets currently,' he told the House Financial Services Committee. 'It is possible that bond markets will become worried about the sustainability [of yearly …

Depressed Tony Blair told Gordon Brown he would quit after Iraq war | Politics | The Observer

Depressed Tony Blair told Gordon Brown he would quit after Iraq war | Politics | The Observer: "Tony Blair descended into such a deep depression after the Iraq war that he told Gordon Brown and John Prescott he would quit No 10 the following summer – only to renege on the pledge within months, a new book by the Observer's Andrew Rawnsley reveals.

The former prime minister's physical and mental decline was so profound that he confided to friends that he 'spaced out' several times during Prime Minister's Questions and often woke up in the middle of the night with sweat trickling down the back of his neck."

Iran Captures a ‘Good’ Terrorist by Ray McGovern --

Iran Captures a ‘Good’ Terrorist by Ray McGovern -- "The Iranian government is celebrating the capture of Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of a violent group called Jundullah (Arabic for Soldiers of God), which Tehran says is a terrorist organization supported by the United States, Great Britain, and Israel.

Jundullah is one of several groups that have been conducting bombings and other violent attacks against Iran’s Islamic regime with the aim of knocking it off balance."