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Showing posts from November 23, 2005

Ethiopian election

Almost a decade and half ago a brutal dictator of Ethiopia Mengistu Hailemariam overthrown by TPLF dominated EPRDF. Since then Eritreans’ chose to be independence from Ethiopia and election of sorts took place: the May, 2005 election is one example. Unfortunately for Ethiopia, the opposition group led by chauvinist group CUD rejected the election despite its’ sweep of Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia and the return of bloodbath that unleashed on protesters in which tens of people perished. Although the killing of demonstrators the ugly face of narrow ethnic group government of Meles Zenawi, the opposition group led by warmongers and former officials of derg government responsible for acts of violence in which Ethiopia need less. I applause the government of Meles for what he has done so far, but 14 years as head of state in any country should be looked at a bad sign least one can think s(he) is invincible and none can be done without.

The Oxford Research Group

If you believe the report by The Oxford Research Group, they are indicating that the war on Iraq could drag on for decades. My problem with this report is the reliability of knowing what will Iraqi looks or how the “war on terror” turn out to be decades from now. The whole world didn’t foresee the mightiest army buckled under the pressure of ragtag resistance forces that lack unified political goal. Did The Oxford Research Group saw that too? No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow let alone decades from now. When I saw Iraqis’ started resisting right after Bush declare the major combat is over; I knew then, they will free their country from the greatest menace of all times no matter how long it takes. The Iraqi Resistance to sacrifice and pay the price for freedom embolden the passive antiwar movements to extent even the war mongers knew better to call the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The Oxford Research Group or many research groups who churn out reports after repo…