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Showing posts from June 6, 2006
As it is a customary a Canadian group that allegedly “planned to attack” news broke out at list one Masjid was broken into and vandalized by the “civilized Whiteman” and its slaves of all sorts of non-whites. It is not the first time nor would be the last that we Muslims who live to be as a minority in the land where Whiteman’s rule be persecuted. Muslims has to be ready to understand and accept that we are the new “nigger” ready to be killed, our Masjids to be burned, to be discriminated, to be bad mouthed and abused, physically assaulted and tortured, deported and thrown in to jails, transferred to countries to be tortured, denied our basic freedom to worship God nor assembled to protest. I have no doubt we are hated like blacks are (I am also black) throughout the world, Europeans are becoming more and more under the fascist wing parties and America is on the way to exterminate Muslims starting through invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. A mass murder in both invaded countries now re…