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lies of western nations and Zionists

The world is led by criminal gangs, marauders, Zionists and fascists. Almost all this countries, leaders and their people are Caucasians and their luckiest who are united against Islamic/Arabic world albeit through disguised methods. One can only see what happened in the world in the short period as a clear evidence the poisonous policy of these barbarians such as Bush, Berlusconi, Blair and the now crippled Sharon and his predecessor to name a few. Compare the Iranian leader Ahmad’s reference of Zionism and what Bush actually said and done about Islam and Muslims, (most importantly what he has done) take that one step and then look what the world body has done or intended to do; then you will know there is no way to expect a just ruling by the world body like the U.N. There is no condemnation of the Iraqi invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of an estimated between 40- 250 thousands Iraqis by America; no condemnation of the mass killings and the devastation of cities like Fallujah and …