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Showing posts from December 10, 2005

Democracy and its contradictions

When I heard the U.S. secret torture camp in that particular country of Poland; came to my mind how Hitler used that country too against the Jewish people in genocidal Second World War. The striking thing about Poland is that it is only new for “Western Democracy” after being under the influence of defunct Soviet Union iron curtain communist rule. Polish people must have been delusional that the difference between American and Soviet's Gulag is a name change: they both promise utopian world if you embrace their ideology. An ideology based on intimidation, torture, injustice, inequality only survive as long as people open their eyes and see how rotten the system is. Thankfully though, one that advocate hard work shouldn’t be rewarded evaporated in to thin air as Gorbachev gasped his last breath to save a socialist system through perestroika and glasnost without avail. Now we have neo-liberalism which advocates few people to control the world resources without the possibility of har…