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Showing posts from January 26, 2008 - Progressive Shutout: Kucinich Banned, No Real Debate - Progressive Shutout: Kucinich Banned, No Real Debate: "The corporate-controlled U.S. electoral system is a fine-tuned machine, designed to filter out all voices that challenge the rule of the rich. Dissent is systematically shunted to the margins of American political discourse - even when the dissenters are popularly elected politicians whose views are consistent with huge sectors of the population. Such is the case with six-term Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, whose campaign stance on withdrawal from Iraq and truly universal health care resonates with large majorities of Democrats, but who has been made to disappear by corporate operatives posing as journalists. The Congressional Black Caucus is complicit in the latest shutout of progressive political thought, through their acquiescence to CNN's ouster of Kucinich from the primary debate."

Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan

Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan: "Compared to the old Taliban movement of 1994-2001, the new insurgents have less orthodox attitudes towards imported technologies like video production. By 2005, some district commanders were equipped with laptops, despite the scarcity of electricity. The neo-Taliban have no qualms in exploiting free-market principles for military operations. They protect opium traffickers' convoys in exchange for favors and pay non-hardcore members by piece work, such as firing a rocket or carrying out an assassination. By late 2006, their commanders were even relaxing harsh imposition of their infamous moral codes.

Giustozzi partially attributes the re-entry of the Taliban to the feebleness of President Hamid Karzai's administration, which is geared to accommodating tribal strongmen and warlords rather than to building a professional bureaucracy. Corruption, infighting and arrogance among provincial autho…

The God Delusion

The God Delusion The God Delusion explores the unproven beliefs that are treated as factual by many religions and the extremes to which some followers have ... taken them. Dawkins opens the programme by describing the "would-be murderers .. who want to kill you and me, and themselves, because they're motivated by what they think is the highest ideal." Dawkins argues that "the process of non-thinking called faith" is not a way of understanding the world, but instead stands in fundamental opposition to modern science and the scientific method, and is divisive and dangerous.

The Root of All Evil? is a television documentary, written and presented by Richard Dawkins, in which he argues that the world would be better off without religion. The documentary was first broadcast in January 2006, in the form of two 45-minute episodes (excluding advertisement breaks), on Channel 4 in the UK.