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Showing posts from January 26, 2006

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan whom I admire a lot on his views ranging from human rights to moderation of laws of Islam barred from getting a visa to enter the US. His view of Iraqis legitimate resistance might have made a target but why? The whole world except half America believe the occupation should be resisted including through armed struggle, even the Iraqi government representative agreed there is a legitimate resistance going on and they are supportive of that. American government is going berserk.

"Two American civil rights groups have sued the Bush administration for denying a famed Muslim scholar visa, the New York Times reported on Thursday, January 26.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, January 25, on behalf Tariq Ramadan and three national organizations of academics."

Hamas Wins

Hamas, which is branded by white man as “a terrorist group”, win the parliamentarian election. This victory came about through people’s participation in election what is called “democratic election” now the question is, would white man from Europe to America recognizes when the announcement becomes apparent? If not then they need to re-define what democracy is. This election in Palestine close to 80% participation is better than less than 50% participation in past presidential elections and wasn’t decided by Supreme Court in the case of 2000 election of the US. Yet W. Bush the world’s dangers terrorist refused to talk to Hamas because Hamas simply refused to talk to Zionist racist Israelis who are grabbing lands everyday through expulsion of native Palestinians who lived thousands of years. If Bush was a peace loving man; if he was just and fair; if he had a heart; if he believed “all men are created equal”; he would have told the Zionists to stop their crimes not the Hamas party whic…

Osama and Bush are brothers.

I repeatedly stated Osama and W. Bush are supporters of each other. Without Osama’s rhetoric “we are prepared to attack Amrika,” Bush would have no excuses to spy on American’s; without the invasion of Iraq Osama would never have strengthened his stance. Osama said, “Thank you for invading Iraq” Mr. Bush, then Bush would reciprocate by saying, “Thanks Osama for threatening to attack America” So in a way they are two sides of a coin.