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: Information Clearing House - ICH

: Information Clearing House - ICH: "In a September 2003 article for The Guardian newspaper, Michael Meacher, who served as Tony Blair's environment minister from May 1997 to June 2003, shocked the establishment by calling the global war on terrorism 'bogus.' Even more controversially, he implied that the U.S. government either allowed 9/11 to happen, or played some role in the destruction wrought that day. Besides Meacher, few politicians have publicly questioned America's official 9/11 narrative — until Diet member Yukihisa Fujita."

Al Jazeera English - Lebanon - Who's who in Lebanese politics

Al Jazeera English - Lebanon - Who's who in Lebanese politics: "Lebanon recognises 18 religious communities across the country and all are represented in the complex politicial system.

The three highest offices in government are reserved for Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim and Maronite Christian politicians.

The ties that bind the disparate factions have led to the development of distinct majority and opposition blocs.

Al Jazeera profiles some of the major players in Lebanese politics."

Al Jazeera English - Europe - Srebrenica survivors seek closure

Al Jazeera English - Europe - Srebrenica survivors seek closure
In July 1995, at the height of the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the United Nations created a safe haven for refugees around the town of Srebrenica.

Dutch troops guarded the refugees, most of whom were Bosnian Muslims, seeking shelter there. The people thought they were safe, but the Dutch came under fire from the advancing Serb forces soon thereafter.

The UN contingent demanded aircraft fly in to help them, but the HQ didn't answer their call and so the Dutch fearing for their lives from superior forces stood aside and let the Serbs in. What happened next became the largest massacre in Europe since World War Two.