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Showing posts from November 26, 2005

"American Hiroshima – the next 9/11?"

"But when your country is fighting a war, you have an obligation to understand what’s really going on. If you don’t, you can become an agent of injustice. If people can find the time to watch baseball or soccer etc, they can make an effort to read, travel, talk and not be limited to the messages of fear. "

"History teaches us that when you form alliances that promote injustice, you can only expect injustice in the future. Kindness begets kindness and the inverse is also true."
"Secret detentions in the “war on terror”

Imagine that one minute you are eating dinner with your family and the next you are hooded, handcuffed, and dragged away. Your family is not told where you were taken. After your initial interrogation, you are taken to a plane: it takes off, but no one tells you where it’s going and when it lands you don’t even know what country you’re in......"