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SudanTribune article : What is new in the empire state of Ethiopia?

SudanTribune article : What is new in the empire state of Ethiopia?: "November 29, 2008 — Just as Haile Selassie’s regime used modernization as a code word for consolidation of Menelik’s empire, and the Dergue regime tried to use Marxism-Leninism to maintain Abyssinian domination, the TPLF regime found democratization to have a useful currency as a code word for its agenda of domination. The TPLF regime, by signing the July 1991 Charter, recognized the fact that 'nations, nationalities, and peoples' in Ethiopia have the right to self-determination including independence (July Charter, Art. 2). The preamble of the charter mentioned 'the end of an era of subjugation and oppression'. But, time proved that it was actually the beginning of subjugation and oppression under ethnic Tigrean hegemony. The TPLF, operating under the cover of surrogate parties, quickly consolidated its exclusive control over the transitional government at all levels.

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ei: Jewish "refugee" lobby seeks to eclipse Palestinian losses

ei: Jewish "refugee" lobby seeks to eclipse Palestinian losses: "A broad coalition of Jewish lobby groups has made a series of breakthroughs this year in its campaign to link the question of justice for millions of Palestinian refugees with justice for Jews who left Arab states in the wake of Israel's establishment 60 years ago.

Referring to these Jews as the 'forgotten refugees' and claiming that their plight is worse than that of exiled Palestinians, the campaign has scored political successes in recent months in Washington, London and Brussels."

ei: Israel's "Auschwitz borders" revisited

ei: Israel's "Auschwitz borders" revisited
In 1969, Israel's legendary diplomat Abba Eban warned that withdrawal from the territories his country occupied in June 1967 would be a return to "Auschwitz borders." Since then some Israeli politicians have used these provocative words to attack almost anyone who defies them.

In 1992, for instance, the George H. W. Bush administration briefly suspended US loan guarantees to Israel to protest settlement construction in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. A symbolic sanction that cost Israel little, it was nevertheless unprecedented for the US to condition aid on Israeli behavior. Israel's then Deputy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the move as an American effort to force Israel back within the "Auschwitz borders." He later attacked then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for signing the 1993 Oslo Accords which, he alleged, would also take Israel "back to Auschwitz." Rabin was assassina…