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Sunni Patients Fear Baghdad Wards

Sunni Patients Fear Baghdad Wards: "Last December, a Sunni surgeon was quoted in The Sunday Times as saying that in some hospitals porters and cleaners who support the Mahdi army, a militia loyal to the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, offered doctors 300 US dollars to identify Sunni patients. 'I found that many patients were dying. Most were well and ready to walk out of the hospital. Instead, they left in wooden boxes,” the surgeon told the newspaper. "

The Crime Against Debbie Almontaser -- In These Times

The Crime Against Debbie Almontaser -- In These TimesOn Aug. 20, at a Debbie Almontaser rally held outside the old Tweed Courthouse near City Hall, demonstrators tried to understand how a right-wing newspaper in a city like New York could force the resignation of a respected community figure by tarring her with the “terrorist” brush.

Deborah Howard, who worked with Almontaser to get the Khalil Gibran academy off the ground, asked, “Once the tabloids came out with their smear campaign”—the neo-conservative New York Sun also played its part—”where was the counter-media? If this is a Department of Education school, why aren’t they standing behind Debbie?”