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How Has Mladic Managed to Evade Capture? -

How Has Mladic Managed to Evade Capture? - "Q. Is this a critical moment in the hunt for Mr. Mladic?

A. Yes, it is. The first arrest warrant against Mladic was issued 15 years ago, in 1995. Mladic is one of the last two fugitives, the other being Goran Hadzic. The time for the Tribunal is running out and if we want to see Mladic tried before the I.C.T.Y., his immediate arrest is of paramount importance.

In order to achieve this arrest, we have strongly recommended Serbian authorities to undertake a review of investigative strategy to deploy more people and adopt a multidisciplinary approach. Look, more needs to be done. Time is running out. This tribunal will close in the near future.

We want to give a wake-up call that more can be done and needs to be done. We have not said that no efforts are being made to improve cooperation with my office. The arrival of Mladic diaries and related materials was seen as a very positive sign. What has been most instrumental in securin…

Iraq war files document more deaths than US count | Antiwar Newswire

Iraq war files document more deaths than US count | Antiwar Newswire: "Military documents laid bare in the biggest leak of secret information in U.S. history suggest that far more Iraqis died than previously acknowledged during the years of sectarian bloodletting and criminal violence unleashed by the American-led invasion in 2003.

The accounts of civilian deaths among nearly 400,000 purported Iraq war logs released Friday by the WikiLeaks website include deaths unknown or unreported before now — as many as 15,000 by the count of one independent research group.

The field reports from U.S. forces and intelligence officers also indicate U.S. forces often failed to follow up on credible evidence that Iraqi forces mistreated, tortured and killed their captives as they battled a violent insurgency.

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Leaker of Pentagon Papers Joins WikiLeaks in Rebuking U.S. -

Leaker of Pentagon Papers Joins WikiLeaks in Rebuking U.S. - "LONDON — Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, and Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, lashed out together on Saturday at the Obama administration’s aggressive pursuit of whistle-blowers, including those responsible for the release of secret documents on the Iraq war.

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Google admits copying computer data - Yahoo! News UK

Google admits copying computer data - Yahoo! News UK: "The company collected the information from wireless networks when its vehicles drove around residential streets taking photographs for its worldwide Street View product, which was launched in 2008.

Anti-surveillance campaigners have described the error as 'outrageous' and the privacy watchdog has launched an investigation.

It is not yet known whether UK homes were affected by the security breach.

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    WikiLeaks and Assange Honored       :      Information Clearing House: ICH

WikiLeaks and Assange Honored : Information Clearing House: ICH: "October 25, 2010 'Information Clearing House' --' You are not likely to learn this from the “mainstream media,” but WikiLeaks and its leader Julian Assange have received the 2010 Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) award for their resourcefulness in making available secret U.S. military documents on the Iraq and Afghan wars.

If the WikiLeaks documents get the attention they deserve, and if lessons can be learned from the courageous work of former CIA analyst Sam Adams – and from Daniel Ellsberg’s timely leak of Adams’s work in early 1968 – even the amateurs in the White House may be able to recognize the folly of widening the war from Afghanistan to adjacent countries. That leak played a key role in dissuading President Lyndon Johnson from approving Gen. William Westmoreland’s request to send 206,000 more troops – not only into the Big Muddy, but also into countries …