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MPs accuse Washington of lying over rendition flights - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

MPs accuse Washington of lying over rendition flights - UK Politics, UK - The Independent: "MPs are to launch an investigation into US activities on Diego Garcia after accusing Washington of lying about extraordinary rendition flights from the British-controlled island in the Indian Ocean. They described false assurances given by the US about its use of Diego Garcia for the controversial flights as 'deplorable'.

Following one of the strongest British condemnations of the US rendition policy, by which terror suspects are sent overseas for interrogation, the influential Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) plans to scrutinise Whitehall's supervision of US activities on Diego Garcia, including all flights and ships serviced from there.

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, was forced to apologise to the Commons in February after it was revealed that two US 'extraordinary rendition' flights had landed on UK territory in 2002. Britain had previously been told that no suc…

: Information Clearing House - ICH

: Information Clearing House - ICH: "07/07/08 'ICH' -- -- While George Bush was busy railing at Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe at the G-8 summit in Toyako, Japan; his Ethiopian proxy-army in Somalia was grinding out more carnage on the streets of Mogadishu. More than 40 civilians have been killed in the last 48 hours. On Sunday, Osman Ali Ahmed, the head of the UN Development Program in Somalia, was shot gangland style as he left a mosque Mogadishu. He died before he reached the hospital with wounds to the head and chest. Ali Ahmed is just the latest of the peace-keepers who have been killed in the ongoing battle between Bush's Ethiopian occupiers and Somali guerrillas.

'I care deeply about the people of Zimbabwe,' Bush announced. 'And I am extremely disappointed in the election which I labeled a sham election.'

Right. Bush's newly-discovered empathy for black people was nowhere in sight during Hurricane Katrina when thousands of African…

Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable for US troops - Yahoo! News

Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable for US troops - Yahoo! News: "BAGHDAD - Iraq's national security adviser said Tuesday his country will not accept any security deal with the United States unless it contains specific dates for the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces."
The comments by Mouwaffak al-Rubaie were the strongest yet by an Iraqi official about the deal now under negotiation with U.S. officials. It came a day after Iraq's prime minister first said publicly that he expects the pending troop deal with the United States to have some type of timetable for withdrawal.

President Bush has said he opposes a timetable. The White House said Monday it did not believe al-Maliki was proposing a rigid timeline for U.S. troop withdrawals.

U.S. officials had no immediate comment Tuesday on al-Rubaie's statement.

Al-Rubaie spoke to reporters after briefing Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf on the progress of the government's security efforts, and the talks.

"Our st…

Preserving Your Pension In Tough Times : NPR

Preserving Your Pension In Tough Times : NPR: "Stock and bond funds in 401(k) accounts took a hit this past quarter, and many people are worried about their retirement funds. Economist Teresa Ghilarducci addresses financial concerns about retirement and offers her own solution to the pension problem.

Ghilarducci is a professor of economic policy analysis at the University of Notre Dame, where she specializes in pension benefits. She is also the director of the Higgins Labor Research Center and a Wurf fellow at the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.

Her latest book, When I'm Sixty-Four: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them, proposes that pensions should be managed by the federal government rather than Wall Street."