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Main Sunni Group Vows No Deal With U.S.

Main Sunni Group Vows No Deal With U.S.: "The Islamic Army, the main Sunni insurgent group in Iraq, is adamant it will not make common cause with the Sunni militias tackling al-Qaeda with U.S. support, and will instead fight the Americans 'to the end.'

'The Islamic Army has nothing to do with the Awakening councils,' Ibrahim al-Shimmari, official spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq, told AFP in an email interview.

'No one can be a member of the Islamic Army and the Awakening at the same time. Our war is for self-defence and we are targeting those who attacked us.'" | Life | IWU teacher writing about being political prisoner in Ethiopia | Life | IWU teacher writing about being political prisoner in Ethiopia: "In the cafeteria at Atkin-Colby Hall, among a group from the Illinois State University International House, a conversation had turned to Ethiopia.

A young woman from nearby heard Ethiopia and chimed in. As recalled by professor Taye Woldesmiate:

Woman: 'What happened to that Ethiopian guy I signed a card for?'

Someone at the table: 'Here he is, right in front of you.'

'She was so happy,' said Dr. Taye, as he is known internationally. And so was Taye on this day in 2002, having been recently released from an Ethiopian prison as a result of the international pressure exerted by friends and by strangers like the woman in the cafeteria."

IOL: US troops raid kindergarten

IOL: US troops raid kindergarten: "Baghdad - A US force has stormed a kindergarten in a Shi'a-dominated district in Baghdad, smashed toys, doors and windows and arrested three of its guards, the Iraqi government said on Tuesday.

US troops raided Kanari kindergarten in the Jamila area of Sadr City in Baghdad where they smashed children's toys, doors, windows and roofs, according to a statement by the media centre of the Iraqi cabinet."