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Showing posts from November 5, 2006

Saddam senteced to death

Today Saddam Husein was sentenced to death under American occupation. The so called Iraq justice system under the USA sentenced the president of Iraq to death ironically thru the help of murderous American war monger fascists who killed 650,000 Iraqis which is more than twice as much as Iraqis killed under Saddam! If there is God how the number one murderous terrorist George W. Bush sleeps at night with his wife without facing justice is beyond me. Sure God works in a mysterious way. Saddam, the leaders of Zionist Israel, the Saudi Arabian despots and Mubarak of Egypt led by their murderous master Bush each committed astronomical crime against humanity. Only one of them get punished because he led a weaker nation or and did not submit to the evil man in Washington.
America should know the occupation, bringing Saddam to justice; “War on Terror” are all shams. Unfortunately poor people like me pay the price in a long run and the US power will decline overtime as a result leaving my …

Ethiopia and USA: aggresive nations.


Ethiopia and the USA are two different countries in opposing directions: the former is where I came from, notorious in begging for food assistance from the world community and the later where I live now is in opposite direction which is known to waste. But they have one thing in common: aggression. Ethiopia is fast becoming a pariah nation which rejected the border demarcation with Eritrea and illegally occupied part of Somalia; where as the USA invaded two countries causing hundreds of thousands of death, millions of streaming refugees and instability around the world. The poor country of Ethiopia now switched from Soviet Union in Mengistu’s time to the USA under Meles Zenawi as a client state working for bread. Both former and the later dictators of Ethiopia ruled the country with iron feast leading that hopeless country into laughing stock of the world.
The world is experiencing difficult time than ever before: disease, war and climate change are among the top threats for human…