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American Arrogance Overseas Should End by Ivan Eland --

American Arrogance Overseas Should End by Ivan Eland -- "The current U.S. foreign policy of militarized social work – initiated by William McKinley during the Spanish-American War, perfected by Woodrow Wilson in Latin American in the years prior to World War I, and perpetuated by Harry Truman and his successors after World War II – is actually rooted in the missionary tradition of converting heathen peoples to Christianity. Eventually, such missionaries began to request military protection.

Ultimately, the U.S. government took over from the missionaries and substituted instituting democracy overseas for religious conversion. Unfortunately, the arrogance and military aspects of the policy didn’t change.

Now the U.S. government routinely violates the laws of other states to conduct renditions of suspected terrorists (for example, in Italy), to nation-build at gunpoint (for example, in Somalia and Bosnia), and to attack (for example, drone attacks into Pakistan) or invade…