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To those who reject lies.

I have heard enough of these slander and non-sense: Islamic Terrorists, Islamofascists, Muslim Terrorists…etc! Once again terrorism has no religion!!! There are Christian who are terrorists, so are Hindus, Jews and many other religions; and, secularists or Marxists who aren’t associated themselves with religion and still participate in terrorist act. George Bush is a terrorist with WMD in his hands, he used conventional weapon as well as chemical weapon against Iraqis, but he is not a Christian Terrorist. Osama is a terrorist, but he is not a Muslim Terrorist. Terror can be waged by any one, but the claim is different when it comes to Islamic followers.When alqaida wage war against the west using a terror methods, there claim was to “free Muslims from the West” hence non Muslims and some ignorant Muslims to call them “Muslim Terrorists” why? The reason is if you call Terrorists who happened to be Muslims “Islamic Terrorists” rather than alqaida or some other groups, it makes it easier…

U.S. Muslims worry about new federal rules - Security-

U.S. Muslims worry about new federal rules - Security- DETROIT - Some Arab- and Muslim-Americans say new Justice Department guidelines that boost the FBI's power to investigate suspected terrorists could target innocent people.

The revised guidelines going into effect Monday will allow agents to use undercover sources to gather information, interview people without identifying themselves and spy on suspects without evidence of wrongdoing.

Critics say the rules will allow for abuses, including more racial and religious profiling.
"That's an extraordinary power," said Mike German, a former FBI agent who now advises the American Civil Liberties Union.

"There is anxiety the Middle Eastern community will be targeted," said lawyer Nabih Ayad, who has defended a number of Arab Americans charged in national security cases. "There is always a danger in the implementation when you give such discretion in the hands of agents."

Current rules date to the…

Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing? - Haaretz - Israel News

Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing? - Haaretz - Israel News
WASHINGTON - U.S. President George Bush believes that Israel is offering Syria the Golan Heights without getting anything in exchange, according to sources briefed on his White House meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert last week.
After Olmert updated Bush on Israel's indirect talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the U.S. president demanded, "Why do you want to give Assad the Golan for nothing?" the sources said.
"It's not for nothing," Olmert insisted. "It's in exchange for a change in the region's strategic alignment."
Bush persisted: "Why should you believe him?" And to that, Olmert did not reply.
The Bush administration has long had reservations about Israel's talks with Syria and refuses to play any active role in them. Infuriated by Syria's involvement in anti-American terror in Iraq, as well as its undermining of Lebanon'…