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Garowe Online - Home

Garowe Online - Home: "BARDHERE, Somalia Jan 4 (Garowe Online) - Ethiopian troops have reportedly re-entered parts of Gedo region and forced Islamist rebels to retreat inward, Radio Garowe reports.

Al Shabaab insurgents have left every major town in Gedo region, except the key town of Bardhere where the guerrillas ordered an around-the-clock curfew, which started midday Sunday, residents said.

Ethiopian army
The insurgents retreated from at least three districts in Gedo region, including the provincial capital Garbaharey and the trading town of Beled Hawo."

Garowe Online - Home

Garowe Online - Home
MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan 4 (Garowe Online) - At least 9 people were killed in separate incidents of violence in Somalia's war-torn capital Mogadishu, Radio Garowe reported Sunday.

Four Ethiopian soldiers died instantly when a roadside bomb exploded in the outskirts of Mogadishu, witnesses said.

The soldiers were on foot patrol near a checkpoint and were searching vehicles for explosives, a Somali military official said.

Separately, Somali soldiers shot and killed three civilians near Hotel Jubba in Mogadishu, with witnesses saying the civilians were targeted after "refusing to pay extortion."

Fighting erupted moments later among government troops, leading to the deaths of two soldiers and wounding four other people, including a female caught in the crossfire.

Ethiopian troops have began withdrawing from parts of Mogadishu, but insurgent attacks have increased over the past week.

Source: Garowe Online

A Majority of American Support Israel Terrorism.

Rasmussen Reports™: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a presidential election.: "Americans, while far more sympathetic to Israel than the Palestinians, are closely divided over whether the Jewish state should be taking military action against militants in the Gaza Strip.

Forty-four percent (44%) say Israel should have taken military action against the Palestinians, but 41% say it should have tried to find a diplomatic solution to the problems there, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided."

Troops lured by drug trade, report warns

Troops lured by drug trade, report warns: "OTTAWA–There's a 'high probability' some Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan – one of the world's biggest sources of illegal drugs – will get involved in the drug trade, a military police report warns.

'Access to illicit drugs in Afghanistan is routine,' reads the report obtained by the Star.

'Easy access to heroin, hashish, cannabis presents a temptation for (Canadian) troops in the form of personal use and in the form of importation for the purpose of trafficking,' it reads.

It notes that using and trafficking drugs are illegal and 'contrary to the ethos' of the Canadian Forces, but concedes some of the 2,500 troops serving in the war-torn nation might not be able to resist."

U.S. quashes Arab-backed Gaza cease-fire resolution in UN Security Council meet - Haaretz - Israel News

U.S. quashes Arab-backed Gaza cease-fire resolution in UN Security Council meet - Haaretz - Israel News: "The United States thwarted an effort by Libya on Sunday to persuade the UN Security Council to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after Israel launched a ground invasion, diplomats said.

Several council diplomats told reporters that the U.S. refusal to back a Libyan-drafted demand for an immediate truce at a closed-door emergency session had killed the initiative, since council statements must be passed unanimously."

Informed Comment: Gaza 2008: Micro-Wars and Macro-Wars

Informed Comment: Gaza 2008: Micro-Wars and Macro-Wars
I was on the radio recently with John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, and he expressed the hope that Egypt would take back Gaza and Jordan what is left of the West Bank. You may as well dream of pink unicorns on Venus. It isn't going to happen. The Palestinians are Israel's problem. War on them, circumscribe them, colonize them all you like. They aren't going anywhere, and you can't keep them stateless and virtually enslaved forever, occasionally exterminating some of them as though they were vermin when they make too much trouble. That, sooner or later, will lead to boycotts by rising economic powers and by Europe that could be extremely damaging to Israel's long-term prospects as a state.

It may still be 10 or 20 years in the future. But because of Israel's economic and demographic vulnerabilities, for it to lose the war of global public opinion may ultimately be more consequential than either macro…

American support state terrorism by Israel Terrorist nation continuing unabated.

American support state terrorism by Israel Terrorist nation continuing unabated. The Terror nation is slaughtering people of Gaza killing and wounding 4000 innocent defenseless people with all weapons available from land, sea and air. Palestinian lions are falling down fighting whose blood is washing the ground. America is directly responsible for supporting the terror nation, a Zionist nation, a racist nation, a law breaker nation, a pariah nation. It is this American police brought about terrorism around the world which continues to bleed innocent people from Afghanistan to Algeria and all in between. America is going down in shameful way bankrupting the country in the process. America became the most hated country in the world because of its policies and arrogance of power. Americans again chose another man whose intention is to expand the war of terror, to achieve that goal; exterminating 1.3 billion Muslims will be required. Even if Israel kill each and every Gaza residence, it…