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     Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed                      : Information Clearing House - ICH

Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed : Information Clearing House - ICH: "'The endgame came down to damage limitation,' said the former CIA officer Robert Baer, who took part in the original investigation, 'because the evidence amassed by [Megrahi's] appeal is explosive and extremely damning to the system of justice.' New witnesses would show that it was impossible for Megrahi to have bought clothes that were found in the wreckage of the Pan Am aircraft – he was convicted on the word of a Maltese shopowner who claimed to have sold him the clothes, then gave a false description of him in 19 separate statements and even failed to recognize him in the courtroom.

The new evidence would have shown that a fragment of a circuit board and bomb timer, 'discovered' in the Scottish countryside and said to have been in Megrahi’s suitcase, was probably a plant. A forensic scientist found no trace of an explosion on it. The new evidence would demon…

US killed Zia with Pak internal power help: Ex-spymaster - Pakistan - World - NEWS - The Times of India

US killed Zia with Pak internal power help: Ex-spymaster - Pakistan - World - NEWS - The Times of India: "Imtiaz Ahmed, a former chief of the Intelligence Bureau, said the US collaborated with 'internal powers' in Pakistan to assassinate Zia.

Ahmed, who also served in the ISI, has shaken up political parties with revelations of huge payments allegedly made by the Inter-Services Intelligence to strengthen the opposition to former premier Benazir Bhutto in 1990."

   Palestinians 'Seriously Considering' One-state:                         : Information Clearing House - ICH

Palestinians 'Seriously Considering' One-state: : Information Clearing House - ICH: "Late last month I traveled to the region with a group of 'Elders,' including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil and Mary Robinson of Ireland, former prime minister Gro Brundtland of Norway and women's activist Ela Bhatt of India. Three of us had previously visited Gaza, which is now a walled-in ghetto inhabited by 1.6 million Palestinians, 1.1 million of whom are refugees from Israel and the West Bank and receive basic humanitarian assistance from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Israel prevents any cement, lumber, seeds, fertilizer and hundreds of other needed materials from entering through Gaza's gates. Some additional goods from Egypt reach Gaza through underground tunnels. Gazans cannot produce their own food nor repair schools, hospitals, business establishments or the 50,000 homes that…